Security Managers

Specialization in Emergency/ Disaster Response Management

Disaster threats and scenarios have increasingly captured public attention. Emergency situations may result from security situations, from natural disasters such as earthq quakes, and geo-political events.
This course addresses these topics and the need to acquire professional tools to implement preparations to minimize damages, deal with the consequences of emergencies and disaster situations, and manage the crisis.

The course is conducted in collaboration with key organizations and agencies engaged in these fields in Israel, including the Homeland Security Command and the Israel Emergency Economy Command.

Aims of the Course

Students will Acquire
Acquire the skills necessary for organizational decision making and coping in a systemic or multi-disciplinary emergency or disaster situation. Acquire skills to prepare an organization for emergency or disaster situations.
Acquire tools and knowledge necessary to protect the safety of employees, facilities and work spaces.
Certification of graduates of the following courses, as required by law: “Facility - Based Civilian Defense Officers,” “Security Trustees,” and “Emergency Economy Officers.”

Target Populations

Managers and officials in the private, public or business sector, in local government or government institutions Security officers and managers of security and safety units Officials who train organizations to cope with emergency situations and play a role in such situations Community or municipal emergency response teams Students interested in working in the field of emergency response.