Security Managers - Specialization in Security Technologies and Information Security

The supreme importance of information security in organizations and companies has gained recognition in recent years. As technology becomes more sophisticated, miniaturized and accessible, threats from inside and outside organizations multiply. When every individual has a disk-on-key in his or her pocket, capable of storing huge amounts of date, and when young hackers successfully break into sensitive databases for fun, unauthorized access to core organizational data could have devastating results.

At the same time, technological tools such as cameras, locks, fences, alarm systems, control and command systems, protection systems, scanning and intrusion detection systems, have become more sophisticated.

This unique course will address both these extremely interesting fields.

Aims of the course

Students will learn about -
Standard operating procedures (SOPs) of data attacks Preparing for threats to organizational knowledge
Control and supervision tools to protect against threats to organizational knowledge.

Available range of auxiliary technologies that can be incorporated in developing a security foundation for organizations and installations. The advantages and shortcomings of each tool how to correctly integrate technology systems into a security system.

Target Populations

Security officers and security unit managers in companies and organizations Managers in information security and/or technology units Managers and members of the general public who seek to expand their knowledge in the field.