We Specialize in formulating and providing comprehensive solutions for dealing with various security issues, tailored to the customer needs, based on the risks and threats analysis of the organization.

We provide a broad range of solutions in the areas of Defense and Security, from the strategic concept and planning stage through the set-up and implementation of projects, guidance, training, infrastructure and technology, command and control, and maintenance.

N.S.P. Solutions often include coordination and cooperation with the relevant authorities, such as the Police, different governmental agencies, emergency and rescue services, local authorities, Security Services, etc.

The Company President, former High Commissioner of the Israeli Police Mr. Shlomo Aharonishki , has aquired vast experience in defense and security matters, policing and law enforcement during his long military and police career.

N.S.P. Professional know-how and Expertise are the results of decades of experience in combating terrorism, wars, and local and international disasters.

In recent years, international threats have increased in worldwide, global terror stands as the head of such threats. Thus affecting all aspects of life, economical, social and political...

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Contemporary police force main role is ensuring the safety of its citizen's.
The police authorities, as the primary law enforcement agency, are committed to prepare for the unknown challenges of the future...

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The increasing threats of terror worldwide require complex and immediate adjustments, both in planning and taking action...

Protecting national infrastructures and strategic installations: airports; seaports; power stations; gas, oil and water facilities; transport routes; coastlines; prisons etc...