Investigations and Intelligence

Private investigations are required in a broad range of fields that cross all sectors of the economy. An investigator is expected to have in-depth knowledge and expertise in his or her field and knowledge in the law, enforcement, legal rights and authority, professional ethics, interrogation, reporting, knowledge and skills in operating overt and covert technical tools of interrogation, technical surveillance, and other fields.
The course trains students for investigative positions in the civil, public, and government sectors, and prepares students for an internship and Ministry of Justice licensing exams.

Aims of the Course

Students will acquire knowledge and skills necessary to engage in the field of private investigations and business intelligence collection. Students will become skilled in the use of the majority of tools required to manage investigation and intelligence.

Target Population

Security officers and managers interested in expanding their knowledge in the field of investigations Individuals interested in specializing in the diverse challenging field of investigations and intelligence Employees of investigation firms and investigators in private or public organizations.


Introduction to investigations
Reciprocal relations between the police, the tax authority, medical institutions, and the National Security Institute Methodology of private investigations Sources Law and legal issues Human sources and interrogations Note-taking and reports.